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★ Buying and Item Support


Can I purchase items if I am not a member?

Anyone wishing to purchase from Dope Downloads (DD) may do so
there is no need to open an account with us. We recommend that
you open an account to have access to your transaction history
and downloaded files.
It’s Easy to sign up for an  account and it’s free.


Can I re-download items?

You most certainly can, however If the item is taken down by our team or the Author itself the download link will immediately become disabled therefore we recommend you download the file immediately after purchasing. When you purchase an item you will be given a link to immediately download the file, this link will also be sent to your email.

Item Licenses

What are licenses and where can I learn about them?

When you make a purchase from Dope Downloads, you are provided with a License. There are several types of Licenses available. A License is simply usage rights for that item.

Item Support

How do I get support for an item I’ve purchased?

We provide support for all of our premium items. If you are having trouble with an item that you’ve purchased you can contact the author for support within the item page.


Contacting the Authors

How do I contact an Author

Every author is required by DD to have their email on each item they sell in our store for support purposes only. You can contact them via their email or you may also contact our team.

★ Selling and Being an author


How do i sell items on DD?

You can choose from selling as an author for (DD) and get a percentage for each item sold, or you can sell us your items for a flat fee.

To become an Author please Register here. If you are interested in selling us your items please contact us

Becoming an Author

How do I become an author?

Becoming an author is easy! Simply create an account and you are on your way.

★ Your Account

Account Settings

Can i change my username?

Your Username is unique and it can not be changed.

How can i set my account avatar?

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Account Access and Password

I have forgotten my password what do i do?

Below the login input fields there is a link — ‘Forgot Your Password?’. Click the link then input your username or email address to reset your password. Password will be sent via email.

Also check how do i change my account password?