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One particular set of questions that we have been asked on more than one occasion is, “Where can we find free high-quality pictures to use for our promotional material such as flyers, websites, etc?”

We’ve all been there spending hour searching for the right photographs that will build a fancy set of slides for a presentation or enhance a flyer’s visual or even illustrate a section on your website/blog, finding the right image can be time consuming. Usually, you’d turn to stock photos, which can also end up costing you some bucks.

Although, it is not always necessary; there are many good  websites out there providing great free image alternatives you can use instead. We know Free stock photos can come in handy for all designers & bloggers, which is why we know this will be one dope-ass useful blog post.

So let’s start with one called: IM Free and my personal favorite. This site provides freely available photos, all available for commercial use. All photos are grouped and tagged, and released under a Creative Commons license. It does require some attribution to the creator.

Still looking for more photos?


Free Stock Images Collage

GratisographyUnsplash and Picjumbo are all relatively new sites and are worth bookmarking. They feature a growing collection of free high-resolution pictures that you can use for commercial and private projects.

google and Bing have some awesome advanced search tools that will allow you to search by category, color, and even by licenses. All you need to do is type what you are looking for and choose your desired license in the drop-down menu.

Another great place to get free images and use for commercial use is believe it or not Flickr, many photographers there showcase their photography some and a lot of those photographers allow their photos to be use in any way even commercial, one of these talented photographers is Alan Antiporda aka Illusive Photography. Alan has an immense and growing portfolio including hundreds of free amazing photographs , many of which I was glad to find thanks to our friends at Flyerheroes.

Still hungry for more? no worries we’ve saved the best for last. Editor’s Choice is one of my favorites. Another site, also has a great collection of free high quality images.

It’s important that you understand that you are responsible for your uses of these images and no matter what you use them for, they are still owned by the creator/author. So please it is very important that you check each and every image’s license yourself before using it.

We hope that you’ve found this post helpful.



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This post was written by Fernando De Leon

Hi there, I'm Nando a web designer from Chicago, IL i have a passion for designing beautiful websites, custom graphics and solving complex problems, I also believe I'm a beer lover, caffeine enthusiast and monster energy addict. When i'm not designing beautiful stuff i can be found enjoying a movies or simply experimenting new things.